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Breakdown Cover to Get You Back On the Road

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Breakdown cover is there to help if your vehicle breaks down in Ireland. For example, if you get a puncture or a flat battery. It means you can call for help and an expert will arrive to fix you on the spot or recover you to a garage.

It’s available for most vehicles, including cars, vans and motorbikes. And there are different levels of cover to choose from. Most providers only offer roadside assistance as standard. But at, we include roadside and home rescue, garage support and alternative transport with every cover level.

So how does breakdown cover work? Damaged tyres, flat batteries, alternator faults, worn-out spark plugs... these are just some of the many causes of car breakdowns. While carrying out regular car maintenance will help to limit the chance of your car breaking down, you can’t stop it from happening altogether – after all, who can predict a flat tyre from driving over a pothole? This is why many drivers make the decision to take out breakdown cover.

If your car’s tyre blows, the engine doesn't start or the alternator gives up whilst driving on the motorway, depending on the level of cover you take out, your breakdown provider will come to your rescue. Breakdown cover is usually offered at the time of taking out car insurance, but it can be added to your policy at a later date if you feel like you’d benefit from the added protection.

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Owning and running a car isn’t cheap, so some drivers avoid taking out breakdown cover as a way to keep costs to a minimum. But this could be a mistake, as if you were to break down and need assistance, the cost of being recovered is likely to outweigh the cost of an annual breakdown policy. Breakdown cover for cars isn't a legal requirement, but taking out a policy with us means you'll have access to a respected and trusted provider if and when you need them.

If you are in Ireland, call our 24-hour rescue line on 1850-227869 or +35315685890 and ask for assistance. Please be ready with your car registration number, an accurate location and a contact number. An attempt will be made to fix your car at the roadside, but if this is not possible we will arrange a recovery vehicle to a destination determined by your level of cover. not only offers breakdown cover but we also offer roadside assistance at home and for vehicles of any age. Our award-winning breakdown cover makes sure you get the assistance you need; any time you need it.

We have been a trusted, independent breakdown assistance provider in Ireland with over 100 years of collective experience. As a company we look after our customers and keep them on the move. We provide the best breakdown cover available on a budget.

We're also on call if you’re driving a hired or borrowed vehicle. We can even help if you fall ill at the wheel. We look after you.

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